Bluetooth 12/365

By: allanahphoto

Jan 12 2010


Category: Nelson, People


Focal Length:6.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

The joys of carrying a camera with you at all times. My car was in getting a service and when I went in to pick it up I was met by the receptionist. As I started chatting with her she held up a ruler with this little sign on it letting me know that she was actually on the phone and couldn’t talk. If she had been on a handheld phone I would have known to wait my turn but with bluetooth I didn’t realise she was actually having a conversation. After she had ‘hung up’ I thought it was hilarious and she agreed to have her photo taken with her sign.

What a clever invention.


6 comments on “Bluetooth 12/365”

  1. Very clever – a fun subject for a photo

  2. Very high tech all round

  3. Ingenious idea!

    Ps. in your list of helpful links I am surprised you missed off Cooliris it speeds up looking at photo albums and is so much fun. Just thought I’d remind you about it. 🙂

  4. I love people who are both practical and have a great sense of humour!

  5. That is very classic – great photo! 🙂

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