Mum 1946 27/365

By: allanahphoto

Jan 27 2010


Category: Home


Focal Length:6.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

I went on a bit of a mission today to find a photo frame for this photo of Mum taken about 1946 by Geoffry Wood. I eventually found one that I liked the added to the photo rather than distracting you from it.

What I need from you is a bit of help in how to capture this image better- without the reflections on the glass. I turned the flash off and angled the photo away from me because my first efforts included me in the reflections.

I blackened where I could in frame and gave it an antique look to try and hide the reflections.

Do any of you know how I can do it better?


4 comments on “Mum 1946 27/365”

  1. Why not try taking the glass out while you take the photo? Just a thought.

  2. […] was a fantastic seamstress and passed many of her skills on to Mum as you can see in the tucks in the dress she made Mum when she was younger. Mum tried her best with me and I can sew a mean straight line or mend a hem. […]

  3. Perfect already…but, what’s in the little box?

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