Then and Now 32/365

By: allanahphoto

Feb 01 2010


Category: Nelson


Focal Length:12.7mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

This is a clever then and now photograph. I got the idea from this website. I harvested the ‘then’ photo from Timeframes and then went up the road a bit to the actual site- held the old photo in front of the where Marsden House Historic School House is and took a snap. Looking at the school house now it has had a steeple fixed on the top since the photo was taken and the lean to at the front has since been demolished.

This is my second attempt at capturing this image and I tried a different camera thinking that the roof pitch of the next door building is wrong. I wonder if it is an entirely different building or my focusing distance isn’t right.

Any ideas on how to do this sort of thing.


2 comments on “Then and Now 32/365”

  1. Longer arms?;-) Seriously, I wonder if you need to increase the distance between yourself/the camera and the buildings? Is the steeple at the back of the building in the photo still there?

  2. That steeple at the back of the old photo is now the steeple at the front- OR and now you’ve got me thinking- I wonder if the old photo is taken from the rear of the building and the roof is of a whole ‘nother building and THAT is why the pitch of the roof is different- that makes sense.

    I have a few other photos from Timeframes I am going to have a try with too- we’ll see how that goes.

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