End of the day 33/365

By: allanahphoto

Feb 02 2010


Category: School

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Today I did a fourteen hour day and Lordy it was hot. I went for drive to get fish’n’chips about tea time to have a break. Here is my classroom right next to the staffroom. Yay. I now have a whiteboard- not an IWB- just a whiteboard- I am getting there. For the last six months I had a free standing whiteboard square that would leaned on a classroom ledge where the blackboard had been but had been painted over. Occasionally it would come crashing down on some poor unfortunate’s head. This new whiteboard is screwed into the wall- a vast improvement.

And I have three brand new netbooks- one of which is dead already and will most likely have to go back for a replacement. And we created a new blog today for our new sixth teacher- she was keen and liked it that I left her computer alone when I was showing her what to do- I haven’t lost my touch.


I am sure she would love a comment if you have a moment- she only has her first post up but I am sure there will be more soon as she has inherited most of my class from last year.


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