Our watering hole 34/365

By: allanahphoto

Feb 03 2010


Category: School


Focal Length:6.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Just down the road from school we have a cafe, Stoneridge, run by one of the ex-parents. After school today we all shot down there for a cold drink or a coffee. It had been a long hot day. It was a dilapidated building moved and made beautiful as a labour of love.


3 comments on “Our watering hole 34/365”

  1. I love the ‘fiddly’ bits on the top of the posts (I know they must have an ‘official’ name but have no idea what it is!)…..there’s something about the intricacy and the craftsmanship that this era of buildings has, it captivates me every time. I like the contrast of the red flowers against all the white…..makes it ‘pop’.

  2. The building came to the property as nothing more than a shell- they have a wonderful vision.

  3. What a beautiful building and garden. Your staff is lucky to have such a haven nearby to retreat to when you need it!

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