Opera In The Park 44/365

By: allanahphoto

Feb 13 2010


Category: Nelson, Night


Focal Length:6.6mm
Shutter:4 sec

Tonight I had the opportunity to go Nelson’s Opera In The Park. We only went along for the second half but it was great. A lovely balmy night. The finale was Bolero and seeing it was close to Nelson Natureland and they didn’t want to upset the animals they had a fairly noiseless fireworks display. It was beautiful and complimentary to the music. I wish that this WordPress theme would take video but it won’t let me.


4 comments on “Opera In The Park 44/365”

  1. Love the colour and vibrancy.
    Shame the WordPress background didn’t ‘choose’ black!

  2. Yes it would have looked a lot better that way- shame also that it won’t accept video- either directly through uploading or indirectly through embedding.

  3. Amazing shot! Well done. Were you all set up for this, or did the camera do a fabulous ‘auto’ job?

  4. I was on the lookout for the fireworks and had my gorilla tripod with me. There were plenty of fireworks so I had time to think about it. My camera has a ‘fireworks’ auto setting so all was sweet.

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