Tangle 73/365

By: allanahphoto

Mar 14 2010

Category: Away


Focal Length:6.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Before leaving Wellington we had time to fit in a quick look around Karori Sanctuary. After a quick handbag search to dislodge my pet stoat we were left to wander. I saw my first ever wild kaka and a couple of tuatara sunning themselves which may well end up being tomorrow’s photo.

It was this tangle of florescent green tree lizards that held mt attention. So tiny and perfectly formed. What is the collective noun for lizards- tangle seemed appropriate!

Hey Paula- have a look at the background the WordPress theme gave for this one- almost florescent.


5 comments on “Tangle 73/365”

  1. Cool colour! I think it is a lounge of lizards.

  2. I thought lounge lizards were creepy ‘past their use by’ men who hung about in bars trying to pick up girls!

  3. Love the colour, Love the Tangle. But best of all Rae’s definition is right! I just had to Google it (of course) Found this…..

    I still totally agree with yours though!

  4. I only live round the corner and have been there loads of times – but I didn’t know they had these. Eagle eyes! A beautiful shot…you should send it to them [or maybe they have a public page for visitors to upload this kind of thing – wouldn’t that be a good idea;-)

  5. They were in a small enclosure on the right about half between the entrance and where the tuatara are. I thought they were stunning with little feet all squirming in the sunshine. They were actually behind glass so I was lucky with the lack of reflections.

    I am looking forward to going back another day with more time to browse. A night tour would be a treat as well.

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