Lost 79/365

By: allanahphoto

Mar 21 2010

Category: School


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This is a work related photo. Many years ago we bought five of these little beauties for word processing and data entry at school. From memory they were about $500 each and served their purpose really well. Totally robust and always ready to go on three AA batteries. Great for kids as they learn to type and it means that the processing power of the computer is not held up while children peck away like chickens at the keyboard.

Initially we had to two connector cords- one got totally munted when a teacher thought the cord screwed out and twisted the pins out of kilter. We struggled along on one cable and it got itself lost over the Christmas classroom cleaning. I was the only one at school that used them so you would have thought that it would be in my room somewhere but it has GONE.

I took one in to the local Apple reseller and they had no interest in helping me find a replacement. Would you like a Mac Air while you’re here- yes please! They couldn’t even help me by telling me what I actually needed. I know that I had patched the old cord together with a Y cable so that it could talk to a USB port.

I was wondering if any of you knew anyone that might know of anyone with a couple of old cords that are no longer used or somewhere where I could get replacement cords.


3 comments on “Lost 79/365”

  1. I may have a cord for you … will have to go through boxes to find it. However … you still should be able to buy one from the resellers. (will look out info for you)

  2. Funny, I have never seen one of these before. Like the ‘idea’ in principle though. Sorry can’t help with the cords. Have you tried TradeMe? Or one of the giant new Apple shops online maybe?

  3. I got hold of the supplier who was chuffed that they were all still going strong. They can get the cord for $11 each and the USB adapter for $60 so all good. They admitted they are getting rare. We will have to look after the ones we get when we get them.

    Thank goodness ‘cos they’re pretty useless without them- at the moment the kids are tapping away with no hope of publishing.

    Now we can really get into it. Didn’t use a lot last year as with only one cord there was always a bottleneck- painful.

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