Rai Valley Settlers 97/365

By: allanahphoto

Apr 07 2010

Category: Away, Nelson, People, Photoshop

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I spent most of the day filming and editing a three minute video for Dairy Trainee Farmer of the Year finalist Top of the South Finalist at a friend’s farm in the Rai Valley. With the script and supporting video clips already pre-filmed on an ordinary digital camera the three of us worked intensively all day to plan, film and edit the video. I am really pleased with the finished product with scene changes, audio extraction, and video and image support. It won’t be up the Jane’s standard but I will share with you all after the video goes public after the awards ceremony next month.

I couldn’t have done it without my trusty Apple MBP and Wacom tablet. I may have made a couple of converts.

While there I was asked to help with family Couper photos that were transferred from glass negatives in .tiff format by the Marlborough Museum that people had not been able to get to open and print. I took them home to work on. I chose this one in particular and spent an hour or so fixing it up in Photoshop CS4.

Strictly not a photograph that I have taken but it is over 100 years old and it would be the first time it has seen the light of day since then. I am impressed with the photographers of old who had the skill and foresight to capture such wonderfully clear and evocative images.


One comment on “Rai Valley Settlers 97/365”

  1. Thank you for sharing a piece of history.

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