In the News 111/365

By: allanahphoto

Apr 21 2010

Category: Home, Nelson


Focal Length:6.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

I took this photo on the walk to the supermarket in the weekend. This property has much significance to my family and it made the TVNZ news today. The property used to belong to my great aunt, sadly after she died it was sold to a Car Company and the beautiful old home was bulldozed to make way for a car sales. There was one stunningly grand nikau palm growing in the corner of the section.

Then ACC bought the building and in the middle of the night chopped down the tree because they knew that there was local opposition to cutting it down. They then built this modern concrete monstrosity on the section. Happily I have the child of that nikau growing at my place now so the gene pool has not been entirely lost.

It turns out that that there may well have been dirty deeds done and the manager has been sacked and the Serious Fraud Office is investigating the purchase as larger than can be expected amounts of money changed hands as may have been expected.

To be sure Aunty Grace didn’t get a great deal from it.


2 comments on “In the News 111/365”

  1. An interesting story behind the photo. Good to know the family history will continue. Nice mixture of light and shade.

  2. Interesting story – and I like the photo – lots of interesting intersecting lines.

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