Underwater Glory 133/365

By: allanahphoto

May 13 2010

Category: Nelson


Focal Length:6.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Part of the Rocky Shore photo group- we spent some of our time at the local Touch of the Sea little aquarium. It is a great little aquarium where you are allowed to touch everything that you can reach and that you are game to want to touch- as long as you do it respectfully.  This tropical creature/plant thing caught me eye. One of the kids asked me why I was taking a photo of it. I told her I thought it was beautiful. Fair enough answer I would have thought.

Don’t be too harsh as regards taking a photo each day- with days drawing in I go to work in poor light and come home in even poorer light so I am making do!


3 comments on “Underwater Glory 133/365”

  1. Beautiful colours Allanah. I love the sound of the aquarium, what a fantastic opportunity for your learners, memorable moments, love it!

  2. The colours are amazing, phosphorescent. I’m trying to learn how to get my camera to capture what I actually see. Sometimes it is too helpful and changes the colours and lighting etc. This photo a day lark might not produce an award winning photo everyday but it does produce a little bit of learning every day. I was thinking I might choose my favourite 12 at the end of the year and make myself a calendar to celebrate 🙂

  3. This is gorgeous – wonderful colours and textures.

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