Tables 180/365

By: allanahphoto

Jun 29 2010

Category: School

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Focal Length:15.02mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

We’re going for the abstract in tonight’s photo. We had a quiz night at school last Friday and borrowed a heap of tables for it. Before returning them them they are all nicely stacked upside down, one on top of another. They go in a lovely Fabonacci number sort of way, slightly arched. I took a couple of dozen photos this afternoon but the sunlight was streaming in the contrast was too high. I might try again tomorrow if they are still there.


One comment on “Tables 180/365”

  1. Liking it….very advant garde.
    Here’s a question for ya…….”What happened to 179?”
    Thought I’d mucked up (yet again) when I saw this today 181….so glad someone else had a turn at it.
    Thanks for keeping me motivated on this 365 journey…..I look foward to looking at your pic everyday.

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