Squished 295/365

By: allanahphoto

Oct 24 2010

Category: Uncategorized


I’ve always admired this little historical house but this week I was there early enough in the morning to capture it before it was surrounded by parked cars. You can do clever things with small section. I wonder why the early settlers decided this section should be so slim when all the others around it are a more normal size? Probably a crinkle in the paper on some planning document in England!


2 comments on “Squished 295/365”

  1. So cute. I remember an L.P my Dad use to play for me, one of those really little ones. Ct was called “The Little House”…..at least I think it was! About a little house that had big houses pop up all around it until one day it was put onto the back of a truck to make way for a city…….love it when photo’s have the power to envoke memories. Thanks Allanah.

  2. It certainly has character.

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