Days Gone By 327/365

By: allanahphoto

Nov 22 2010

Category: iPhone HDR App, Nelson


I drive past this old house every day on the way to work. I keep on meaning to make time to pull over but never get round to it. Today I made time.


4 comments on “Days Gone By 327/365”

  1. Well worth the stop. Have you altered the image much? The contrast and clouds are amazing…..almost looks like a twister is about to appear!

  2. It was an HDR Pro photo which brings out the contrast in the sky. I used the Photoshop app on the phone to straighten it and crop it heavily as the paddock in front had been all ploughed and smoothed and I didn’t like to walk on it.

    While it was in the phone I used the Photoshop app to add the vignettes.

    Then I emailed it to my computer cos I couldn’t be bothered finding where I put the synchy thing.

    Then I played with the antique and boost in iLife11.

    Not exactly untouched by human hand!

  3. Hey I’m glad you stopped, it’s such an evocative shot, taa.

  4. I bet this house could tell a few stories.

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