That’s It 365/365

By: allanahphoto

Dec 30 2010

Category: iPhone HDR App, Nelson


Well it looks like we got there. 365/365. I say we because I mean we. I never thought I would get there and it has been hard sometimes and sometimes the photos posted were a few days old but we got there. When I was younger I tried a diary and got through to March before I gave up.

I started through the encouragement of Chrissy in Thailand in the the first few small hours of 2010. I kept going because of my supportive fellow 365ers- Paula, Sue, Barbara, Jo, Doug, Paul, Jacqui, Jane, Michael and Raewyn who I knew was lurking.

367 posts, 9721 views and exactly 500 comments is how I managed to keep on going. Not sure how I got the 367- trying to work that out now. I am easily confused by numbers.

Over the year I have changed from trusty Olympus y1010 to iPhone 4 with all it’s apps. I look for photographs, I think of opportunities. The geocaching has helped me find new locations. But mainly I have found that I do actually have the wherewithal to follow something through but I do need support from the team to keep the motivation going.

I am going to have another go next year- with Posterous I want to miss out cords and my trusty laptop all together. All photo capturing and editing I do will be on my iPhone and they will go straight to web.

I am looking forward to compiling an iPhoto book of my photos tomorrow. If you have me in your RSS please re-subscribe to the Posterous. And thank you to the person who wrote the WordPress theme. I love the way each day the background colour complimented the photo.

Happy New Year!


4 comments on “That’s It 365/365”

  1. Fabulous work Allanah, even though I haven’t made many comments??, I’ve enjoyed seeing more of the word through your eyes. Thanks muchly 🙂

  2. Congratulations Allanah. A momentous achievement- achieved in a beautiful part of the country. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Gee, you got your 365/365 up already and it’s a beauty. Love the soft light and hints of sunset. Indeed, a momentus achievement. Congrats to all of us. Looking forward to 2011 iphone challenge.

  4. Great job! Yes I have lurked every single day, that is impressive in itself!
    By about half way through the year I started to stress that you might not complete the journey but I worried needlessly. Clever you!
    I look forward to seeing the iphoto book now.
    Roll on 2011 I wonder what the first photo will be???
    Make it good …remember I will be lurking!!!

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