67/365 A Moment’s Inattention

By: allanahphoto

Mar 08 2011

Category: Uncategorized


A sobering moment on the way to work this morning. This is the second serious accident I have seen in three days. It makes you pay more attention and realize just how quickly life can change. And don’t take anything for granted.


2 comments on “67/365 A Moment’s Inattention”

  1. Wow AK that is a great shot! I don’t know how in the midst of all that you managed to get things set up so well and with your camera on hand. Sad for the people involved but a photo worthy of a journalist photographer.

  2. I was a bit worried that I would be rubber necking as I was holding the phone. I had plenty of time to get organised as traffic crawled past one direction at a time.

    The reflection in the read vision mirror was a total fluke.

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