84/365 Kereru

By: allanahphoto

Mar 25 2011

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Today we have a guest photographer, Keith, from Maitai School. Keith is keen to start photo blogging. I’ll look forward to that.


4 comments on “84/365 Kereru”

  1. This is gorgeous – no birds like that around here.

  2. Kereru are stunning birds. Such wonderful colours. And as they are protected they are not generally frightened of people and will let you get quite close for a decent photo.

  3. This Native wood pigeon or Kereru was photographed at about 4.00 p.m. feeding on the flowers and leaves of the old Kowhai tree just beside our school entrance. I 5took a series of photos of it and its mate as they ate.

  4. Hi Allanah,
    I made a comment on the blog to answer a couple of the questions but am not
    sure they got there.
    I used a Nikon D60 digital SLR with a 300mm lens.
    In answer to the question about getting close, I never use hides, but I
    always stalk my photographic quarry in much the same way as a cat does. Use
    patience, move slowly and if it show any sign of alarm, freeze and stay
    frozen until it resumes normal activities such as feeding, the move up
    again. Like the cat, the more you know about you photographic subject, the
    more likely you are to achieve the result you want. The photo looks great!

    From Keith

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