What can replace this for $1,500

By: allanahphoto

Feb 09 2012

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There are lots of reasons why this is not great.

1. It took five guys to wrestle it into the Staffroom. And now it has to be unwrapped and store somewhere.

2. It costs an arm and a leg and most of it will end up in a rubbish bin.

3. I bet a lot of it will never get recycled.

4. It was milled and shipped from Thailand. Do we not have trees in New Zealand? Hope it was from a sustainable forest.

5. I hope it’s not going to be used to mass produced to make into worksheets and word finds to keep the kids looking like they’re learning.


One comment on “What can replace this for $1,500”

  1. Scary thoughts. I hope your influence will reduce this in the future.

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