By: allanahphoto

Apr 09 2016

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Last year I didn’t get one single survivor cos the wasps and praying mantis get them. Hopefully this little fella will make it. I will bring him inside as soon as he has finished eating. Any tips? It is getting colder. 



4 comments on “Callerpillar”

  1. Good luck with your caterpillar. We have only managed one butterfly in my classroom this year. By the way, your new “do” looks great. You go girl!

  2. What kind of butterflies? Here we have had students hatch monarchs, but the pupas are provided by the insectarium. The butterflies, once hatched are tagged and released.

  3. Hi Susan- yes they are monarch caterpillars but we grow our own from swan plants. We do have a tagging system here but have never got that far.

    • Here the food plant for monarchs is milkweed. People are encouraged to grow it in their gardens. I find the story of monarch migration truly amazing.

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